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Epic Games and Lego about to Build a Metaverse Platform

It has been announced that Epic Games, one of the leading companies in the game world, and Lego, known for its iconic toys, video games and movies, have established a metaverse partnership. According to reports, two successful companies will come together to create a virtual space for children.

The concept of metaverse, in which many large companies invest, is becoming more and more popular day by day. Metaverse is already described as the technology of the future, makes the idea that people can spend their daily lives in virtual universes in the future more and more ‘likely’.

Although there are some doubts about the use of this technology, we come across a new metaverse news every day. Now, a new move has come from the Danish-based giant toy company Lego and the US game giant Epic Games on this increasingly common issue. Two giant companies in the entertainment industry announced that they have partnered to establish a metaverse platform for children.

While there is no information on how this new virtual world will look, when it will be released or on which platforms, both companies emphasize that the safety and privacy of children will be protected, in addition, parents will have control over their digital experiences.

The LEGO Group has been inspiring generations of children through play for 90 years, thanks to the boundless creative possibilities of the LEGO brick, which remains the company’s primary product. The company is a pioneer in defining safe digital play experiences for kids, having collaborated with UNICEF to create an industry-standard Digital Child Safety Policy and launching the first fully live moderated social app for kids in 2016.

The LEGO Group and Epic Games have agreed to three criteria to ensure that the digital places they create provide interesting play experiences while remaining safe.

It seems that as the days pass, the metaverse will be more and more involved in our lives.

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