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Millions of Dollars of Bitcoin Donated to Ukraine

Cryptocurrency analysts announced that millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin donations were made to help Ukraine. Analysts stated that cryptocurrencies are a strong alternative to donations.

Russia decided to officially recognize the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk republics, which are ruled by Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, and following this decision, the Russian army entered Ukraine. Financial and moral support from many countries has come to Ukraine, which has been under conflict for days, and continues to do so.

Among these incoming donations, donations made through Bitcoin in large amounts draw attention. Judging by the statements from crypto analysts, cryptocurrency fundraising is becoming an increasingly important part of modern conflicts around the world.

Stating that more than 4 thousand donations have been made so far, crypto money analysts state that the money collected to support the war in Ukraine through anonymous Bitcoin donations is at least 11 million dollars. It is stated that the average donation made is $95, while an anonymous donor reportedly donated $3 million worth of Bitcoin to a nonprofit.

On the other hand, researchers at Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company; He notes that the Ukrainian government, non-governmental organizations, and volunteer groups collect the money by sharing Bitcoin wallet addresses online.

On Saturday afternoon, the Ukrainian government’s official Twitter account read, “Be with the Ukrainian people. We now accept cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.” A sharing was made in the form of; In two hours, the addresses of two crypto wallets, which collected $ 5.4 million, were shared. While the last call for donations by the Digital Ministry of Ukraine was “Help the Ukrainian armed forces”; No details were given about how the money collected would be spent.

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