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Zynga will release an NFT-based game this year

Zynga is one of the largest gaming companies in the world. The company has many games on mobile platforms, and each game ranks high in the application markets thanks to its high download numbers.

In particular, the development of NFT and cryptocurrencies has also added the gaming industry. The number of NFT-based games has been increasing lately. According to the statement, Zynga will appear with an NFT-based game.

At a time when NFT-based games are increasing, a statement came from Matt Wolf, the blockchain chief of the famous game company Zynga. In a statement to Axios, he said that the famous game company will launch an NFT-based game this year. Many people were excited after the announcement.

Zynga has been investing in blockchain-based games for a long time. The company announced in its statement that by the end of this year, the 15-person blockchain-based game development team will be increased to 100 people. This shows us that the company is working on a blockchain-based game.

Matt Wolf, in his statement, stated that it is ridiculous to add NFT to games such as FarmVille that are already on the market. He said that the games to be released will appear under a new title. He explained that new NFT games could be similar to games like Mafia Wars where players can form criminal gangs.

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