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Learn the Story of Each Pixel on Reddit Place

The Reddit Place 2022 event, which ended last week, hosted thousands of pixel art, many of which the context is unknown.

Reddit, one of the largest social platforms in the world, recently brought the ‘Place’ event, which was first held in April 2017, to us again. While the event was flooded by all Reddit groups, each member of the group tried to put together an artwork that represented their group, with the right to put a single pixel in a million-pixel area every 5 minutes.

This three-day event witnessed the incredible struggle of each country. Although the entire canvas was painted white in the last hours of the event, the image that took place in the last moments was engraved in the memory of many internet users. However, it takes a great deal of effort to examine this painting, which contains thousands of works, in every detail.

Developed by a developer named Roland Rytz (u/draemmli), the website named ‘The 2022 /r/place Atlas‘ lists all the works in the final form before the canvas turns white, one by one, with brief information about the work. The website, which has turned into an encyclopedia with the information provided by Reddit users, offers information on a total of 7,737 large and small works.

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