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Meta’s New Virtual Reality Glasses

It has been revealed what kind of design the next generation virtual reality (VR) sets of Meta (formerly Facebook) will have, which continues its investments in Metaverse without slowing down. In the shared images, it was seen that the device could offer augmented reality (AR) support.

It is estimated that virtual reality (VR) technologies, especially the concept of ‘metaverse’, are becoming increasingly popular these days, and will be widely used in the coming years. When this is the case, investments in these products are coming from many companies. The US-based technology giant, which made its name Meta (formerly Facebook) for the sake of Metaverse, is among these companies.

Reaching a serious number of users with the launch of the Metaverse universe Horizon Worlds, Meta has been launching virtual reality products since it bought Oculus in 2014. Now, the news has revealed how the next generation virtual reality headsets, which were shown for the first time in October, may look like.

A Twitter user named Brad Lynch has leaked several images that are said to belong to Meta’s next-generation virtual reality glasses, also called ‘Project Cambria’. In his statements, Lynch stated that these renders were created based on leaked information about the glasses and the accuracy rate is quite high. We see that these images are similar when we compare them with the previous photo shared by Meta about the product.

Project Cambria leaked photos

When we examine the leaked images, we see that the design of the device does not differ greatly from Meta’s VR headset Oculus Quest 2, which is currently on the market. However, it can be stated that the new product looks lighter and more stylish. In addition, although there are not many details about the device in the leaked photos, it is noteworthy that there is a camera on the front. This reveals that the glasses can offer mixed reality (MR) or augmented reality (AR) experiences.

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