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Sales record from Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, which was released in March 2017, gained great popularity in the last 5 years and became the favorite of the company.

Although Nintendo’s Wii game console swept the gaming world in its early days, it eventually fell behind PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The company tried to make a name for itself with the Nintendo Switch handheld game console, which was released in March 2017. The popularity of the console is growing all the time.

Nintendo Switch Oled

On a global scale, the Nintendo Switch is growing in popularity by the day. The console has recently gained a lot of traction in terms of sales. The company’s other product, the Wii game console, has sold around 101 million units since its release. In five years, the Switch outsold the Wii combined. Nintendo Switch has sold over 103 million copies worldwide.

With 103 million sales since 2017, the Nintendo Switch game console has become the company’s new apple of the eye. It also set a new record for being the fastest game console to reach this milestone. So much so that, despite the worldwide chip crisis, the Switch sold 10.67 million units between October and December 2021.

Last year, the company expanded its product line by adding a new Switch game console to the family. The company claimed that it made a “good start” when it launched its Switch OLED model, claiming that it sold nearly 4 million OLED models in a short period of time.

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