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Valve’s Steam Deck: everything you need to know

Valve is getting into the handheld gaming business. The release date for the Steam Deck has finally been announced. Here are the important details about the Steam Deck.

Valve’s Steam Deck, a handheld gaming PC that will be able to play your entire Steam library, will be released in this month. The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming system with a lot of power underneath its screen. It’s a mix of Nintendo Switch and gaming PC.

The Steam Deck is more than a gaming system. Because it’s a PC, you can connect it to a monitor or television, connect controllers or a mouse and keyboard, and even install Windows if you want. You can use non-Steam launchers and even disassemble it if you want to, just like any other PC.

The Steam Deck will launch on February 25, 2022, Valve has announced.

Take games with you
We’ll hopefully know more when Steam Decks will arrive: Valve’s shipping estimate for pre-orders placed now is currently “After Q2 2022,” which could be many months out.

Currently a Steam Deck can be reserved if you put down a $5 (£4) deposit. That deposit fee will go toward the cost of the Steam Deck if you do decide to follow through and order one. It’ll be refunded if you change your mind and decide to cancel.

The Steam Deck is currently only available to reserve for the US, UK, Canada and the European Union, but Valve has told us that it wants to make the Deck available to order in more countries when it can.

How much does the Steam Deck cost?

The price of the Steam Deck depends on which version you prefer. Three different versions costs based on storage size:

  • $399 for the 64GB version
  • $529 for the 256GB version
  • $649 for the 512GB version

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