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A New Card Game From Marvel Is Coming

Marvel announced a new game that will delight gamers. Announcing that they are developing a Card game similar to Hearthstone with the announcement made today, Marvel announced that many characters in the universe will also find a place on the cards.

The Marvel universe is a wide-ranging world with a huge fan base. Recently, it was announced that a new series based on Marvel’s comics will come. However, following the release of the first trailer for She-Sulk: Attorney At Law, the series criticized for cgi effects on social media.

If we leave aside the criticisms of She Hulk; Marvel is getting ready to appear soon with new developments that will make us smile. At the top of these is a new game. You know, there are many games about the Marvel universe, but we do not see them being played much today. The upcoming new Marvel Snap game will be a Hearthstone-like game with a large player base. There it is Ben Brode, game director of Hearthstone until 2018 expleain basics of the game with gameplay walktrough video. Let’s see together.

As you can see in the video above; The game has a very similar structure to Hearthstone, which has become very popular for a while. Of course, one of the main reasons for this may be that Marvel Snap was created by former Hearthstone developers. In the video that came with the announcement, we can see the ‘unusual’ states of many popular Marvel characters.

The matches in Marvel Snap will last about three minutes. This feature allowed the players to switch to different matches without getting bored of the game and to compete fiercely with their opponents for a short time. With the game’s debut, Marvel Snap is expected to include more than 150 cards. Of course, we will be able to see many characters from the Marvel universe in these cards.

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