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Games announced at the Meta Quest event

The technology company, which changed its name to Meta in the past and offered its VR glasses for sale as Meta Quest 2, made the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022, all the players were eagerly waiting for. Here are the games announced with during the event.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022, a critical event for the virtual reality world, was held. At the launch showing all the games that will come to Meta Quest 2; Interesting productions such as Among US VR, Ghostbusters VR, BONELAB, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, NFL PRO ERA, Red Matter 2, Espire 2, Moss: Book II have announced.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 games

Meta launched the new game developed for the Quest 2 VR headset. Last year’s surprise announcement was that Resident Evil 4 was coming to VR, which the company reintroduced with a new mode. In addition to the Resident Evil 4 mod, Among US VR, Ghostbusters VR, BONELAB, Beat Saber, Cities: VR, Moss: Book II, RUINSMAGUS have been announced.

The popular multiplayer game Among Us is finally coming to the world of VR. According to Meta’s description, “being accused of murder in first person will be a lot more fun in VR.” InnerSloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games announced that a VR version of Among Us will be released by the end of 2022.

  • Ghostbusters VR

Another notable game during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase was Ghostbusters VR. It should be noted that there are not many details about the game, which will allow you to team up with up to three friends to create your own ghost hunting team. No release date was given at the time of launch, either.

  • The Mercenaries mod for Resident Evil 4 VR

The Mercenaries mod, released by Armature Studio for Resident Evil 4, will be a free update for anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 from the Oculus Store. According to the maker’s statement, the mod was developed from the ground up for VR and will feature 20 new challenges alongside online leaderboards.

One of the unexpected bombs of the event was BONELAB. Developing Boneworks, which pushes the limits of realistic weapon use, combat and tactical creation, the studio developed BONELAB specifically for Meta Quest 2. Although they have the same name, BONELAB has a new story. However, this is; Based on the previous story with new maps, new weapons and new avatars.

  • Moss: Book II

The young hero of Moss, joined us during the showcase to announce that Moss: Book II is coming to Quest 2 this summer!

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