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Overwatch Changes Zarya’s Character Appearance

Blizzard Entertainment removed the letter Z above the Zarya character in Overwatch with the new update. The reason for this interesting change is that the letter Z has begun to be perceived as a symbol of the Russian occupying forces around the world.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, whose new version will be released soon, also included a change that no one noticed easily in the last update released for the game. The developer of the game has removed the ‘Z’ emblem on the character named ‘Zarya’ in the game from the game.

The Z emblem, which we saw on the Russian forces in the occupation of Ukraine by Russia and is now inevitably associated with Russia, was located on the left side of the chest of the character in the game. Blizzard seems to have made a slight change to the character to avoid any misunderstandings as the emblem takes on a new meaning internationally.


The character herself is also Russian

There is another supporting reason behind Blizzard’s making this change. This character, named Zarya, would not be associated with Russia solely because of the Z emblem. The character was a character of Russian origin within the scope of his currently existing fictional story. Having the Z emblem on this character could naturally cause controversy.

The Z emblem, which has become a signature of the Russian forces, has finally caused Samsung to remove the letter ‘Z’ on Z Fold models in some countries. The emblem used by Russian forces is generally thought to have been designated to deter friendly fire.


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