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PlayStation VR 2, which will take the pleasure of gaming to a whole new dimension, has been officially announced

Sony announced the virtual reality set it prepared for PlayStation 5 as part of CES 2022. Announcing that it named the new virtual reality glasses “PlayStation VR2”, the company did not show the design of the product. The first game that can be played with this equipment, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, was also announced.
CES 2022, the world’s largest electronics fair, has officially started. As of yesterday evening, many companies introduced their new technologies at CES 2022. One of the companies that took the stage in this context was Japan-based technology giant Sony. Announcing its brand new televisions at the event it organized, the company also made statements about the VR game equipment it prepared for PlayStation 5.

In fact, Sony partially announced VR equipment compatible with PlayStation 5 at an event it held last year. The handheld equipment, the details of which can be found in our content here, attracted attention with its much more advanced structure than the previous generation. However, the company did not disclose the name of this equipment. CES 2022 brought that situation to an end. Sony named the handheld equipment developed for PlayStation 5, which offers virtual and enhanced support, PlayStation VR2 Sense, and the glasses as PlayStation VR2.

When we look at the technical details of the PlayStation VR2 glasses, we see OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels, which offer a refresh rate up to 120 Hz. The fact that the glasses, which offer a 110-degree field of view, can track both movement and eye, does not go unnoticed. The virtual reality equipment, which has 4 cameras to monitor your movements and eyes, also draws attention with its features such as vibration, 3D sound and built-in microphone and headset. However, unfortunately, we did not have any information about the design of these glasses.

Meanwhile, a new game that can be played with PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation VR2 Sense has also been announced. This game, called “Horizon: Call of the Mountain”, appeared as a production set in the same universe as Horizon Zero Dawn, as can be guessed from its name. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the announcement trailer of Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

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