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A first in world-first Pig heart transplant

The heart of a genetically modified pig has been successfully transplanted into a human

The heart of a genetically modified pig has been successfully transplanted into a 57-year-old patient in the USA with a life-threatening heart disease.

It is stated that such an operation was performed for the first time in the world, and successful transplantation; It has been a beacon of hope for thousands of patients waiting for organ transplants around the world.

The transplant surgery, which was performed at the University of Maryland Health Center in Baltimore on Friday, took eight hours, according to the statement. It was stated that David Bennett, whose heart was transplanted on Monday, is in good condition.

Performing the surgery, University of Maryland Health Center Heart Transplant Program Director Dr. “He has a pulse. He has blood pressure. This is his heart,” said Bartley Griffith.

Dr. “The heart is working and everything seems normal. We are very excited, but we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. This has never been done before,” said Griffith.

David Klassen of the United Network for Organ Sharing said, “This event will lead to a big change in how we treat organ failure,” said. “The press can dramatize such events. It’s important to keep perspective. It takes a long time to mature such a treatment.”

The heart given to Bennett was from a genetically modified pig. On this occasion, it was ensured that the pig’s heart could function in the human body without rejection.

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