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Bad News From First Pig Heart Transplant Patient

The first person to receive a heart transplant from a genetically modified pig has died 2 months after the medical milestone.

The surgery sparked hope that breakthroughs in cross-species organ donation will one day alleviate the chronic lack of human organs available for donation, and the team behind it said they are still enthusiastic about the operation’s future success.

David Bennett, 57, had received his transplant on January 7 and passed away March 8, according to the University of Maryland Medical System.

David Bennett, Sr., the 57 year old patient with terminal heart disease who made history as the first person to receive a genetically modified pig’s heart, passed away on March 8. Mr. Bennett received the transplant on January 7 and lived for two months following the surgery. His condition began deteriorating several days ago. After it became clear that he would not recover, he was given compassionate palliative care. He was able to communicate with his family during his final hours.”

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