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YouTuber Builds Guitar From ‘Diamond Play Button’

Davie504, one of the famous names of YouTube, made a guitar with a diamond play button for 10 million subscribers. Davie then put this guitar up for auction on eBay.

YouTuber Builds Guitar From ‘Diamond Play Button’ Given For 10 Million Subscribers and Puts It Up For Auction

Davie504, one of the content producers that almost every social media user comes across at some point, regardless of their interest in music, has made a remarkable move the other day. Combining his bass guitar talent with entertaining content, Davie with 10 million followers transformed the diamond button given by YouTube into a bass guitar.

Davie504, who embarked on this project jointly with the guitar manufacturer Amnesia Guitars, put the button on the guitar as it was, since the diamond button could not be cut due to its thickness. Davie even built the whole bass guitar around this button for the same reason. After that, he offered his followers the opportunity to own this guitar.

Davie, who previously made a magnificent-looking bass guitar with YouTube’s gold button, drew the fate of his new bass guitar differently. Davie has put his guitar up for auction on eBay. This auction, which was opened just three days ago and has 6 days left to end, has already hosted astonishing offers.

The price reached in the auction is 17,050.00 eur, (Approximately US $18,604.11) where 100 bids have yet been received. If we give this price by comparing the guitars, let us remind you that even the legendary model Gibson Les Paul starts from 2 thousand euros. We are also eagerly awaiting the final price to be revealed at the end of the auction.

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