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Brand New Images From ‘LOTR: Rings of Power’ Series

The Lord of the Rings series, written by the British writer J.R:R Tolkien and transferred to the big screen as a series, is considered among the classics of the history of literature and cinema. This series in the fantasy genre; It is shown at the beginning of the favorite productions of millions of people with its ‘Middle-earth’ universe created with incredible details.

As it is known, it was announced that the series of this giant series would be shot. A visual from the series was announced by announcing that the shooting of this production, which will be published on Amazon Prime and has a budget of more than 465 million dollars, ended in late 2020 and the release date was set as September 2, 2022 in August 2021.

In the past weeks, the name and first images of the highly anticipated production were shared by the official accounts of Amazon Prime. Now, there have been new developments regarding the series.

The series will focus on events that took place thousands of years before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. During this period, great powers will be beaten, kingdoms will rise to victory and fall.

The official Twitter account of the series brought together new photos from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power with fans. Many characters that will take place in the series were featured in the shared images; but none of them were shown.

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