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Notes About The Batman 2022 Movie

When Robert Pattinson went to audition for “The Batman”, he was also at the rehearsals for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet (2020). While getting permission from Nolan to go to audition for the role of Batman, he lied that he had an urgent family business. But Nolan knew that Pattinson was going to test shoots for Batman. In fact, when Pattinson was officially accepted to the role of Batman, Nolan came to congratulate him for taking the role of Batman, although he did not tell anyone about it. actually there is nothing surprising in this; because nolan warner bros. He is a name that has worked closely with him in his previous films. It is very likely that he had received information from them.

The character of Bruce Wayne in the movie was inspired by the famous musician Kurt Cobain. Director and screenwriter Matt Reeves was listening to Nirvana while writing the first scene, already in the promotional trailer of the movie, “something in the way” of nirvana was used.

This was the first movie to openly show Batman using black makeup around his eyes under his mask. In fact, although Batman used to paint around his eyes in black in previous Batman movies, this make-up disappeared as soon as he took off the Batman mask in those movies. Even Nolan hadn’t chosen to keep this make-up, although it was normally a blooper. however, Reeves showed us the make-up openly for the first time in order not to spoil the realism, even though it looks funny.

The Batman ~Robert Pattinson~

While creating the character of the riddler, reeves was slightly inspired by the famous serial killer nicknamed the zodiac, whose identity is still unknown.

Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson got the same advice from their previous roles, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christian Bale: “Make sure your costume doesn’t have to be taken off when you go to the bathroom!”

Last trailer of The Batman movie is here.

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