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A Deleted Joker Scene From The Batman Movie Has Been Shared

The Batman, one of the most anticipated films of recent years, was released at the beginning of March and met with its fans. The production, which focuses on the adventures of the ‘dark knight’ hero of DC comics with a different perspective and different actors, has divided the audience into two since the day it was released. While many people liked the movie very much, others expressed that they did not like it very much, claiming that there were gaps in the story.

Even so, The Batman movie, with stars such as Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, and Paul Dano, broke box office records and managed to gather people to the cinema during the pandemic like Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now, a scene from the movie that excited the fans was shared.

As seen in the after credit scene at the end of the movie, puzzles await you if you go to the rataalada website. When you answer the puzzles correctly, it takes you to a deleted arkham scene. This is a deleted scene where Batman talks to the Joker.

There was talk before the production that Barry Keoghan would take part in the new Batman movie was released; But what role he played was unknown. After the movie was released in the past weeks, it became clear which character this actor will portray. Towards the end of production, the character of ‘The Riddler’ played by Paul Dano was seen talking to a person at Arkham Asylum. It was later revealed that this person was the legendary villain Joker, played by Barry Koeghan. While Koeghan’s portrayal of this character excited many fans, it created a question mark in the minds of some.

Now, a deleted scene from The Batman has been shared and it is seen that Batman and the Joker are having a conversation in Arkham. The director of the movie, Matt Reeves, also said that this scene; He stated that it happened after a murder committed by the Riddler character, and that Batman preferred to meet with the Joker to understand why the Riddler character did these things.

In addition, the line “Isn’t it almost our anniversary?” in the scene where the Joker is seen talking sarcastically to Batman, which we are used to, revealed that the Joker was crammed into Arkham by Batman and that something had happened between the two before.

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