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Batgirl Movie won’t be at HBO Max or Theaters

Batgirl, one of DC’s anticipated films, has not been heard recently, but the reason for this has emerged today. Warner Bros. has decided to cancel the movie.

Continuing to expand its superhero universe, DC continues to work on highly anticipated productions such as Black Adam, The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. But Batgirl, which has been on the list of expected films so far, has not been making a sound for a very long time. The last Batman movie got good marks from the audience.

The fate of Batgirl, which was not mentioned even at Comic-Con 2022, became clear today. According to sources as diverse as the New York Post and The Wrap, Warner Bros. and DC Films have stopped releasing Batgirl, which is currently in the final stages of post-production. The rationale for the decision was also explained.

Batgirl movie cancelled
Batgirl movie unexpectedly cancelled

According to information obtained from sources, DC’s decision to cancel the movie, Warner Bros. It was due to David Zaslav, the new director of Discovery, and Michael De Luca, the new chairman of Warner Bros., to cut costs and make films just for the cinema, not broadcast platforms. However, the New York Post suggested that one source suggested that the film received pretty bad feedback in audience tests. Accordingly, Warner Bros. He also canceled the movie because he thought it could not be compensated.

It would not be unfair to say that DC has been going through tough times lately. DC Films president Walter Hamada shared in a statement in 2020 that they would create two different universes like Disney’s MCU: DC Extended Universe and DC Films multiverse. He also shared DC’s goal is to release no more than four movies per year, with one or two of them making an HBO Max special. But the coronavirus intervened and delayed or swept away all plans. The Batgirl movie was also to be broadcast exclusively on HBO.

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