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Final Trailer of Morbius Movie Has Arrived

Morbius, one of the characters of the Marvel universe belonging to Sony Pictures, will soon meet with the audience on the big screen. As the movie’s release approaches, Sony has released the last trailer on YouTube.

The newest movie to appear in Sony’s Spider-Man universe and will feature the vampire Morbius character played by Jared Leto. The film is about scientist Dr., who tries to find a cure for a rare blood disease, but turns himself into a vampire when he succeeds. He will tell the story of Michael Morbius.

While the details of the movie’s full plot are unknown, Morbius’ place in the multiverse is still unknown, making fans debate whether the movie is set in the MCU or in the Venom universe starring Tom Hardy. In light of all this, we may have found an answer to this in the latest trailer for our Anti-Hero.

Sony Pictures has officially released the latest trailer for Morbius, showing a new take on the character along with various connections to the wider Marvel universe. As we watch in the trailer, he meets Adrian Toomes from the MCU universe.

The two-minute trailer was the clearest ever to show his final vampire form. In the trailer, the action scenes of the character are shown quite a lot. The interaction of Morbius with the character Adrian Toomes, whom we know from Spider-Man: Homecoming and played by Michael Keaton, made the fans think that Morbius may be related to the MCU.

Marvel’s Anti-Hero will be in movie theaters April 1. Let’s hope it won’t postponed again.

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