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First Trailer of Stranger Things Season 4

The first trailer of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which will make a comeback after nearly three years, has been released. The trailer inflamed the excitement for the new season even more.

The 3-year expectations of Stranger Things fans will finally come to an end in the coming weeks. The popular sci-fi series will return in May with its beloved characters and after an intriguing season ending. While the question marks in the minds continued to increase shortly before the return of the series, the first trailer from the new season of the series finally arrived.

The trailer for the fourth season, released by Netflix, was 3 minutes long, meeting the expectations of the three-year longing and the season, which is preparing to be the longest season. The trailer of the new season shows us, where three families separated from each other somehow meet in a common story.

New details just released and showed that the fourth season of Stranger Things would not have episodes shorter than an hour and would be the longest season. In addition, the creators of the series shared that in the statement they shared directly, what exactly Upside Down would be explained in the new season.

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