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IT prequel TV series is happening at HBO Max

It, whose fans are waiting for a third movie, may return with a drama instead of a movie. According to the new information shared, the series will show Pennywise this time in 1962.
Adapted to the cinema from Stephen King’s famous novel, It met with its fans again with its second film in 2019, after the first film in 2017. While it is still a matter of curiosity whether It: Chapter 3 will come, today, there has been news that damaged this expectation, but gave it something better, maybe even worse.

According to the news shared by Variety, HBO Max, which will soon begin to serve in Turkey, has started working on a new series of It. It has been reported that the series, which is currently called “Welcome to Derry”, will take place in the past, not in the present like the movies. The series will be about what happened in 1962.

While it is not yet known who will sit in the director’s chair of the series, it was stated that Andy Muschietti, the director of It: Chapter 1 and It: Chapter 2, will be a producer in the new series. While there are no more details about the series, if the news turns out to be true, we can expect the It universe to now devote time to many of the details in the original book.

Pennywise, the protagonist of the It universe, wakes up every 27 years, disguising what people fear and killing them. The character, who is usually portrayed as a clown, came to Earth from space millions of years ago and was pulled into the sewers to isolate himself. He has lived in Derry since the early 1700s.

On the other hand, this series may also mean that the third movie of the series will not come, but a series will come instead.

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