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Legendary Fighting Game Tekken, Will Be A Netflix Series

Netflix announced that the popular fighting game series Tekken will have a series called Tekken: Bloodline this year, and shared a poster and trailer from the production. In the statements made, it was stated that the series will focus on the adventures of the character Jin Kazama.

Recently, we’ve heard a lot of news about the worldwide popular video games being adapted into series. In 2019, the popular series The Witcher was adapted as a series by Netflix. In addition, it was stated that the popular game The Last of Us will be adapted into a series by HBO and will be published in 2023.

Recently, we told you that A Plague Tale: Innocence will also be a series and that the Netflix series inspired by Resident Evil will meet with the fans on July 14. Now, it has been announced that the series of another legendary game will be shot. As with other games, Netflix decided to turn a popular fighting series into a series, which was first released in 1994 and has many games.

According to the official statements made by Netflix, the world-famous fighting game series Tekken will have an animated series called Tekken: Bloodline. In the statements made by the platform on social media, it was emphasized that the series will be published in 2022, and a teaser and a poster from the production were shared.

In the shared footage, it was seen that the series will focus on the legendary character Jin Kazama. The statement on Twitter also stated, “Jin Kazama goes on a heroic mission – King of Iron Fist Tournament (martial arts tournament in Tekken games)”. In addition, the platform used the following statements in the official synopsis shared on the subject of the series;

“Power is everything. Jin Kazama learned Kazama style traditional martial arts from his mother at an early age. However, his life was ruined when a terrible evil suddenly appeared and destroyed everything precious to him. Angry with himself for not being able to prevent what was happening, Jin vowed to take revenge and sought absolute power. But his quest will lead to a great war in the world – The King of Iron Fist Tournament”

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