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‘LOTR: Rings of Power’ Coming Soon

The new trailer of Amazon Prime Video’s new series The Rings of Power, which has been eagerly awaited by the Lord of the Rings fans for a long time, was released on Prime Video’s official Twitter account.

One of the most talked about series and Lord of the Rings fans since the first day it was announced is The Rings of Power, which will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video from next month. The trailers from the series continued to be published.

Trailers for the series, which will start broadcasting on September 2, continue to be published. Today, a new trailer was shared from the official Twitter account of Amazon Prime Video and the series. The fate of Middle-earth is in their hands, let’s take a look at the 30-second trailer published with his tweet.

The newly released trailer reveals many things including the fate of Middle-earth, the return of Sauron, and elves and dwarves trying to unite to fight common enemies. The trailer confronts the re-emergence of the long-fearing evil in Middle-earth.

It is known that Saruman, Gollum, Gandalf or Frodo will take place in The Rings of Power, which takes place a few thousand years before the Lord of the Rings saga, but we have not seen these characters in any of the trailers published so far. It is awaited with great curiosity whether there will be new trailers from the series, which is very short to be published, and whether the characters we mentioned in these trailers will take place.

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