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Netflix Puts A Halt On ‘Fast and Loose’ Movie

A sanction against Will Smith, who slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards last week, came from Netflix. The digital platform announced that the production of the 53-year-old actor’s new movie ‘Fast and Loose’ has been stopped.

An incredible event was witnessed at the 94th Oscar Awards this year. Famous 53-year-old actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage, who was making a joke about his wife during the ceremony and then warned him with abusive words. This historical event caused the whole world to talk about Will Smith rather than movies and awards.

Smith, who was awarded the ‘Best Actor’ award for the movie King Richard, apologized to Instagram after the incident. Chris Rock also stated in his statements that he is still trying to perceive what happened and that he will talk about the subject when the time comes. In addition, Smith announced that he resigned from the Academy, which condemned him for what happened and launched an investigation, in a statement he made yesterday. Now, a move towards the famous actor has come from the digital broadcasting platform Netflix.

Smith said at the end of his statement that he “will accept any further consequences the Board deems appropriate. Change takes time, I am committed to doing the work to ensure that I never again allow violence to overtake reason.”

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