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New Marvel-Sony Joint Movie Morbius, Postponed Again

Morbius, Marvel’s long-awaited and constantly postponed movie, was postponed again 3 weeks before its release. The new vision date of the movie is April 1, 2022.
Morbius, a production of Marvel that we have been waiting for a long time, would be released on July 31, 2020 under normal conditions. While the movie was delayed due to the coronavirus in the first place, there was still no sound from Morbius, although the cinema industry gradually returned to normal. The film, which has been delayed many times, was finally to be released this month.

But Morbius, which Sony is not tired of delaying and we are not tired of saying postponed, has been postponed again. The new vision date of the movie, which was planned to be released on January 28, 2022, was announced as April 1, 2022. While Sony Pictures did not explain why the film was delayed, it strengthened some theories that could make one say “fortunately postponed”.

The latest trailer for Morbius

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