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The Batman Final Trailer (2022)

The Batman is one of the most anticipated movies of this year. The production, which will be released on March 4, 2022, will reflect a different version of Batman, one of the most loved characters of the DC universe, to the big screen. In the trailers that have already been released, we have seen that the movie will contain a high level of ‘action’.

There is only one month left to release and many details have been shared from The Batman movie. Director Matt Reeves stated that the Batman we will see in the movie will be the scariest Batman ever.

Robert Pattinson as batman

Matt Reeves, the director of the movie, has made new statements about how the Batman character will be. Reeves stated that the new dark knight, played by Robert Pattionson, will be much more frightening than any Batman we have encountered on the big screen so far.

“I think this movie will show you the scariest Batman you’ll ever come across. The reason for this is the scary things Batman did in Gotham.” He added, “There has never been a Batman movie like this before. The villains in this movie are just as scary as Batman. I can say that the production is an action, detective and psychological thriller story. That puts it in a different place than any Batman movie ever made.”

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